Six-Channel Camera System: Joint Development by Hawyang & ApproPho

Six-Channel Camera System: Joint Development by Hawyang & ApproPho

Six-Channel Camera System: Joint Development by Hawyang & ApproPho

2018. 12. 25

Hawyang Semiconductor and its partner solution design house, Appro Photoelectron Inc. (or “ApproPho”), have successfully developed six-channel digital camera system, embedding digital video transmission SerDes V-by-One® HS from THine Electronics, Inc. and FAKRA high-speed connectors from Aimmet Industrial Co., Ltd., both of which are Hawyang suppliers.

Initially based on platforms such as nVidia® JetsonTM, the camera system uses THCV241 and THCV242 from THine’s V-by-One® HS series and FAKRA connectors by Aimmet to seamlessly livestream videos from all six cameras back to the system platform for further process. Users can now effortlessly monitor images from all cameras simultaneously. The six-channel camera system also supports multiple third-party algorithms, such as 360° around-view monitoring system. Prospect applications include Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) which requires no-latency HD video transmission, and surround-view filming on drones. Compatible with the greater nVidia® JetsonTM ecosystems, the camera system can also work with multiple AI and Computer Vision solutions such as sensor connectivity, distance measurement, positioning and drawing, vision and sensibility, and route planning, etc, making this camera system an critical and integral part for the future development of Autonomous Robots and Deep Learning.


Appro Photoelectron Inc. was founded on October 5th, 1999. As a professional solution design house dedicated to the photo-electronic research, ApproPho provides clients customized services in video and image processing, software and hardware development as well as system integration, and has been a publicly traded company at Taipei Exchange (TPEx) since January, 2017.


Hawyang Semiconductor is a professional IC value-added reselling and technical service partners. With a proven record helping local and global IC design houses expanding markets by providing end-users timely and professional technical support, Hawyang strives to empower suppliers best customer service and marketing effect with minimally possible labor and financial costs. Hawyang is honored having this opportunity to work with ApproPho in developing six-channel camera system, and again successfully catalyzed the adoption of THine and Aimmet technology.


THine Electronics, Inc. (ザインエレクトロニクス株式会社) is an IC design house specializing in analog and digital signal transmission. V-by-One® HS is one of its latest high-speed digital signal transmission technology based on the LVDS (Low-voltage Differential Signal) protocol. Founded in 1991 in Japan, THine is now a publicly-traded company in the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Aimmet Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in Tainan, Taiwan in 1996, specializing in the design and manufacturing of multiple advanced signal communication connectors. Aimmet is also the first in Asia to announce automotive-grade LVDS high-speed connectors in 2009, the HSDaimmet (High Speed Data) and FAKRA series, making it a leader in the Taiwanese automotive industry.


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The 6-channel Camera System is compatible with various multi-camera solutions on nVidia® JetsonTM platform.

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