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Aimmet Industrial Co., Ltd.

Aimmet Industrial Co., Ltd. is formed in 1996 by a group of professional technicians that are devoted themselves to RF coaxial and Automotive Fakra HSD connectors. Aimmet Industrial, a the leading manufacturer in Taiwan, is certified by ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001 quality and environment management systems, and focuses on designing, manufacturing and assembling the advanced high-tech connectors.

Through continuous research and development efforts, Aimmet offered the first Fakra SMB connector series in Taiwan in 2004 that are now broadly adopted for Automotive data communications, WIFI wireless, GPS Navigation, GSM cellular phone system, DAB digital audio broadcasting, DVB digital video broadcasting, Bluetooth and so on, and has been receiving positive feedbacks from European and American customers.

In 2009, Aimmet successfully developed the 1st High-performance LVDS (low voltage differential digital signals) high-speed data HSD connector, the HSDaimmet, in Asia. HSDaimmet combines the characteristics of IEEE 1394 & USB interface that prevents interference by crosstalk and external noise, and offers 2 pairs (4 pins) bidirectional high-speed data transfer. It is applicable to automotive infotainment system, USB, IEEE1394, Ethernet and LVDS cameras, etc. HSDaimmet is compatible with European manufacturers.

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