When would a Thermal Energy Harvesting solution be right for you?

Let’s assume that you work with battery powered IoT wireless devices that operate in an environment presenting thermal gradients generated by heater, human body, furnace, motor, etc. Without energy harvesting, you need to replace the batteries of those devices, because they run out of energy. This generates operational costs.

But, in some environments, there is enough of energy dissipated by surrounding machines that you could use to power your devices.

Depending on the available temperature gradients, TEGs can generate from 20µW to 10mW per cm².

When properly selected (material and topology) and sized (area exposed to temperature gradients), a TEG combined with our state of the art energy harvesting PMICs will recharge the batteries of your IoT applications from hot or cold sources.

Using e-peas’ thermic energy harvesting, you will avoid typical operating costs associated with battery replacement.

What exactly does e-peas offer?

Best performing solutions that make your devices’ batteries live forever. Our innovative ICs autonomously and efficiently recharge your batteries from any temperature gradients.

e-peas offers you 1 AEM [Ambient Energy Manager] reference:

  • The AEM20940 allows you for harvesting energy from TEG producing from 3µW up to 625mW.

Why e-peas? How does e-peas differ from competitors?

This reference is based on e-peas unique AEM platform offering:

  • top energy conversion efficiency
  • the fastest supercapacitor charge
  • the lowest cold-start power
  • the smallest footprint and associated components BOM

In addition, you will get direct access to engineering support by our designers.