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Weltrend Semiconductor, Inc.

Founded in 1989 in Hsinchu, the "Silicon Valley of Taiwan", Weltrend is a leading fabless semiconductor company, also known as IC design house, specializing in the planning, design, testing, application development and distribution of its IC products.

Weltrend is known for its analog & mixed-signal/digital IC design. It has accumulated enormous technical expertise over the years with a rich digital/analog IP portfolio and expanded its products to advanced applications spanning across video signal processing, high-efficiency BLDC motor control, data security, vital sign detection, and digital power.

Weltrend’s product lines encompass ICs for various PC Peripherals, Consumer Electronics, Power Management, and Payment Security. Weltrend's products have gained broad acceptance from customers worldwide with numerous products that have claimed No. 1 market share worldwide such as MCUs used in TV/AV peripheral and housekeeping ICs for Switching Power Supply.

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