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With the progress in technology, GaN FET became increasingly popular in the market as it now matches outstandingly with customer demands for specifications and prices. Hawyang is not missing out in this arena for efficiency and miniaturization! The industry used to suffer from a long lasting dilemma between architecture size and power. Having an architecture that is simultaneously small size and producing high power is challenging, for the fact that multiple heatsinks were required makes it impossible to find an ideal balance. Yet Hawyang now has the solutions! Hawyang’s GaN FET solutions meet all kinds of demands you may have. Not only could our solutions meet your power and size requirement, but also our optimized pricing makes your application economically feasible!

Hawyang has been dedicating its research and development energy in power design over the past 30 years, providing countless turnkey solutions that helped enterprises of all sizes grew their business. In the turbulent year of 2020, Hawyang proudly presents our latest "60W PD GAN POWER" solution, meeting the size requirement of 55CC without any use of heatsink while maintaining our embedded GaN FET component temperature at 75°C / 167°F (115Vac/60W out /ambient temperature at 28°C). High-volt efficiency could be maintained at 93% efficiency while EMI (CE/RE) meets the requirement under -6dB threshold.

Hawyang also provided miniaturized solutions (as small as 45cc) for customers under request.  Different solutions for different cost expectations are also available. Hawyang strives to provide detailed and customized products and solutions to customers. Please feel free to reach out to us for further discussions.

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B/I Temperature Distribution (Average 2 hours for B/I Temp. Balance):

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