SerDes / APIX2

The APIX2 technology offers high speed differential data transmission over a single cable. Its physical layer drives up to 12 meters of cable at 3Gbps and up to 40 meters at 500MBit/s. The serial link interface consists of the downstream link, capable of supporting bandwidth modes of 500MBit/s, 1GBit/s and 3GBit/s at lowest EMI and an optional upstream link, providing bandwidth modes of 62.5MBit/s and 187.5MBit/s. The optional upstream, transferred as separate differential signal, enables full-duplex data communication and GPIO capabilities. At link level, APIX2 uses transmission frames, which are dynamically filled with either video, audio, GPIO or AShell data, depending on the configuration of the link and the application requirements at each interface. This flexible configuration allows APIX2 to be optimized for various applications.

Video Interfaces

The APIX2 technology offers complete flexibility for display and video interface configuration. The device offers a flexible video interface, configurable to handle 1 or 2 independent video streams, with input interfaces such as parallel RGB (1x24 Bit or 2x10 Bit) or 2x openLDI compliant LVDS (4 lanes + clock). In addition to the video transmission, APIX2 provides completely independent full duplex communication channels.


AShell, or the Automotive Shell (AShell), is a protection protocol for ASIL-conformant transmission of safety-relevant data. AShell produces virtually no more overhead for error free data transmission, an innovation compared to other guard protocols. AShell provides error corrected data retransmission from the receiver to the transmitter and vice versa. It ensures that the receiving side of the AShell will only offer error free data to the application.

Daisy Chaining

The APIX2 is equipped with Daisy Chaining function, allowing user to transmit two videos streams for different panels through one single cable. It significantly reduces costs because of the fewer cables needed in the system design.

Ethernet and Media Independent Interface

APIX 2 also comes with Media Independent Interface (MII), allowing it to be connected to an Ethernet Media Access Controller. Users will be able to enjoy the full network capacities through APIX link. Embedded Ethernet capability promises customers lower costs as they now need no additional cables and chips for Ethernet features.

Backward Compatibility

The APIX2 products are compatible to the previous generation of APIX1. Transmitters and Receivers of APIX1 and APIX2 can be cross-used at users’ convenience.

Hawyang & APIX

Hawyang has been working closely with Inova since the late 1990s and is currently representing Inova and its APIX products in the Greater China. With its robust engineering team, Hawyang also provides technical supports to needed customers in the region.

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